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The Awakening - The Awakening-Compare/contrast Edna's love...

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The Awakening -Compare/contrast Edna's love for Leonce, Robert, and Arobin. Throughout the novel, it became increasingly obvious of Edna's difficulty in the field of true love. She had initially found what she knew wasn't, followed by infatuation, and finally what she was sure was. Several different forms of love were present, yet each (including the final) proved to be unsuccessful. Edna never felt comfortable in her relationship with Leonce. She had managed to assume the typical role of a female and never stray from her responsibilities that come with that. She had always done what was expected of her from her husband. However, this did not initiate solely with her husbands wants. She had always followed through with doing exactly what she has been expected to do; including finding a husband in someone that she was not in love with. He found more ownership in her, rather than equality in which she was longing for. She was never satisfying in the relationship that she had with him. The love that she had for him was merely present on
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