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The House On Mango Street The House on Mango Street is a collection of mini stories wrapped around a Latin-girl’s view of her neighborhood and neighbors. Esperanza hates her name, it’s hope in English but has too many letters in Spanish. She is named after her free-spirited Grandmother, and lives with her parents and two brothers and one sister. Esperanza has moved every year to a new rental. Her parents always talk of owning their own home, and what it would be like. They finally move to Mango Street and don’t have to bother with landlords banging on the ceiling or floor, and they don’t have to share space. It definitely isn’t the home of their dreams, but even when Esperanza leaves this street, she will always remember the roots it gave her. The main character in this book is Esperanza, who is also the narrator. Esperanza has a way of finding everyone’s little idiosyncrasies that make us unique individuals. Boys and girls live in separate worlds, so Nettie, her sister is
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