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The Magic Barrel - The Magic Barrel The Character of...

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The Magic Barrel The Character of Salzman The character of Salzman, throughout the novel becomes increasingly mysterious. His appearance at many different times is extremely awkward. It is also spooky how he has the knowledge of things that he plainly should not be informed of. His character to put it plainly is just weird. Salzman has the typical salesman characteristics in the start of the novel. Instead of selling the products of material possession, he is already weird because he chooses to sell other people. His work is also mysterious. He doesn't simply lie out all he has on the table, but instead sifts through what he has, and shows what he wants. This is evident in his choosing of just a few perspective females out of the "magic barrel." He took the small amount of information that he acquired from a short conversation and said to have weeded out all of the choices that were not fit for Leo. Also, he made Leo wait and go through steps before he agreed to show the pictures of these individuals to him. It was just plainly weird. In the end of
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