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The Outsiders In the book the Outsider by S.E. Hinton Ponyboy is the main character, in the book he is mostly referred to as Pony. Pony has two brothers, Sodapop and Darry. Pony is fourteen and doesn’t have any parent’s, they died in a car accident. Pony and Soda and Darry all live in the same house, with Darry and Soda supporting them. He has long black greasy hair, he has hair like that because most of the people do in the gang their part of the “Greasers”, and it probably fit with the time period, the fifties. Pony’s best friend Johnny who is also part of the gang; the“Greasers” that includes most of the kids that live around their part of town including Soda and Darry. Pony being part of the Greasers hates the Socs, short for socials; in the beginning the socs beat Pony for no reason just because he didn’t dress like them or have money like them. The Socs are basically rich kids that dress nicely and beat the Greasers up. So far everyone likes Pony except the Socs. Pony is unlike all the other Greasers
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