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The Place of Lions again

The Place of Lions again - Silvia Roman Cabezas 11-C Book...

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Silvia Roman Cabezas 11-C Book Report The Place of Lions By Eric Campbell General Information: I chose this book, because it seems to be a very interesting book. As well as I love animals and adventures. This book contains more and less 200 pages, which are full of excitement and enjoyment. The one I read, its editorial was Harcourt Brace, in San Diego, however the first edition of this book was in 1990 by Macmillan Children’s Book London. Place of Lions does not have any illustration; the only one it has is the one of its cover. At the cover, there is a drawing pf a lion and a boy, in a big savannah in Africa. This drawing was designed by Linda Lockowitz. Setting: Only at the beginning of the book, the story is located in England, but later all the events are transferred to Africa. The actions of The Place of Lions develop The Place of Lions 1 1 The Place of Lions , Eric Campbell, Harcourt; April 18, 1995.
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mostly in Serengeti Plain, Tanzania, in a savannah full of wild animals and danger. In the book there is not showed the exact year where the story develops, but because of the descriptions, this story was developed at the 90s. Main Characters: The main character is Chris Harris, a 14 year old boy whose mother died a few years ago. He seems mature for his age, and his best friend at school is Henry, the caretaker. Chris’ father grieves the loss of his wife and depends on his son for strength and moral support. Chris changes along the novel; he becomes more mature and responsible. Other important characters in the book are: Mike Taylor, a safari guide, Hyram T. Johnson, an American safari tourist, an air pilot, a band of poachers and last, an old lion preparing to die.
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The Place of Lions again - Silvia Roman Cabezas 11-C Book...

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