The Secet Of the Old Clock Book Report

The Secet Of the Old Clock Book Report - Title The Secret...

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Title: The Secret of the Old Clock Author: Carolyn Keene Characters: Nancy Drew, Mr. Drew, Mr. Crowley, Allison, Grace, and The Turners. Nancy Drew was driving down the road in her new navy convertible that she got for her birthday from her father. As she was driving down the road she could see a little girl, planning to across the street. Nancy thought the girl would wait but instead of waiting the girl ran in front of the car, Nancy almost drove over her. Nancy ran over to the girl who was so frightened she was lying on the ground crying. To her surprise she knew this little girl, her name was Judy. A lady came out yelling Judy, Judy. The lady introduced herself, her name was Mary Turner. Then a second lady came out, her name was Edna Turner. They apologized to Nancy for what had happened. They went into the Turner’s house, she realized it was very small, with barely any furniture, and the air was musty and stale. Nancy asked why their house was so small, they replied, “Well we were supposed to get money from our Uncle Crowley because he died but instead in his will it said all the money would go to the Topham’s.” A few moments later when Edna was about to make tea she realized that all her fine china was gone. Nancy asked “Who was here today?” and Edna answered “Just the movers.” The Turner’s explained that the movers had come to move their only couch because if they sold it they could pay the taxes that were due. “The movers must have taken the china,” Nancy determined. So as time went on they were talking and drinking tea out of mugs. Nancy asked “What grade is Judy in?” They told her that they couldn’t afford Judy going to school. How awful thought Nancy ! Later at the Drew home Nancy was talking to her father Mr. Drew about what happened that day. About how the Turner’s thought Mr. Crowley had another will. Mr. Drew said that the will did leave everything to the Topham sisters. Nancy knew that name, the Topham sisters hated Nancy and Nancy disliked them.
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They were very jealous of her, because they weren’t popular and Nancy was. Mr. Drew promised Nancy she would pass the word and try to find that last will Mr. Crowley made. The next day Nancy was shopping for a new dress. She saw the Turner sisters, they looked just like what Nancy remembered them as. She could hear whispering coming from the two sisters, Nancy tried to hear what they were saying about her. She heard one of the sisters say something about a will. They left right after that. Now Nancy was even more suspicious than before. She even bought a dress from that particular store she was at. It was a mauve dress with lots of frills and bows. Once again she told her father that the Topham sisters had heard about the second will Mr Crowley had made. Nancy thought she would visit one of Mr. Crowley’s
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The Secet Of the Old Clock Book Report - Title The Secret...

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