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THE STING - 608 The Sting is a classic story of revenge for...

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608 The Sting is a classic story of revenge for the death of a good friend. Instead of the revenge being an eye for an eye, Hill has the leading characters get their revenge by coning the ,man responsible for the death, out of his money. Within the first ten minutes you are grabbed into the film. Hill breaks the conformity of other films by making the leading characters con-men. This is very different from other films because these men should not be looked at as the good guys but just the opposite. George Roy Hill's film The Sting uses many forms of irony in the setting of the 1920's Chicago to show the theme of revenge for a friends death. Johnny Hooker played by Robert Redford is the main character in the film. The irony in the film is that he is the 'good guy' and is also a gambling addict and street con-man. Hill also uses other forms of irony, Henry Gandorf played buy Paul Newman owns a gambling\whore house which has a giant carousal in the middle. The film starts out quickly and keeps up the pace as it goes on. The film is set
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