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ENG-2301.09 April 29, 2004 Dr. Wall Similarities to Medea’s Anger and Jealousy In the story of Medea , Medea is a character who has given her whole life to her husband. Medea and her husband were happily married with children, living a wonderful life. Until the day she found out that her wonderful husband was in love with another woman. After hearing about the horrible news, Medea began to be overwhelmingly jealous and very angry at her husband. Medea started to do anything she could to make her husband feel terrible about what he had done to her. Medea had every right to be angry and I could also see why she would be jealous. But she went horribly wrong when she killed her own children to try and make her husband feel bad about what he had done. I experienced a similar situation with one of my good friends a couple of years ago. He was also very angry and jealous of his girlfriend at the time, but he let it go before something bad happened out of the situation. Although their stories are different, both Meda and my friend shared similar feelings of anger and jealousy. Some years ago one of my good friends began to date this beautiful girl he had met out at the mall one day. At first, I thought this maybe the girl of his future. See, he really never dated anyone else because he said he was waiting for the right one to come his way. So when he found this girl, I really thought this would be the girl that he would eventually get serious with. They began to date and he never stopped talking about her. He was so interested in her and what she was about, that he started to change little things
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the story of Medea - 1 Will Hartless ENG-2301.09 Dr Wall...

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