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Mallory De Witt English 6 Book Report The book I read was The Thoroughbred by Joanna Campbell. The book is fiction and was made in Daniel Weiss Associates Inc. In the story Samantha the main character lives on a farm. She helps train a horse named Pride for racing. During the story the people who own Pride take him to a lot of and he wins them all. But Samantha is really worried about Pride because he needs to have a week off of working and all the races are just a week apart. So now something bad might be coming up. One of the important events in this story is the Kentucky Derby. The importance of this event is that Pride the horse and Ashley the rider have to win this race to get into the even bigger race the Preakness Stakes. Every one who has helped with Pride, Ashley and Samantha get ready for this big race where there. While Samantha was helping with Ashley and Pride, Samantha’s best friend Yvonne was sitting buy Samantha’s father. Every one involved with Pride was very nervous and scared. This is the biggest race
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Unformatted text preview: Pride was ever in. So this is one of the biggest events in the whole book because if Pride weren’t in the race he wouldn’t have made it into the Preakness Stakes. The main character in the book is Samantha. She is a very nice person. She also loves horses a lot, and trains them. She will always stand up for what she believes in. Samantha will help out her friends, family and horses. Samantha is a very calm and relaxed person. She is not a jumping person like others. Everyone really likes her as a friend. The age group I would put this book into is a 7 th and up grade book. I would have to say that because you have to know some things about horses and racing. Also there are a lot of things younger kids might not know about. Well if you have been riding for a while like me for 5 1\2 years you could read it if you were younger. But over all this is a good book for 7 th graders and up....
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