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The Wedding In “The Wedding,” by Dorothy West, the major development I saw was in the character of Shelby. From the beginning till the end, the character changes and deals with many changes. Throughout the novel Shelby knows what she wants, knows she never gave a black a chance, and then decides whom she will marry. At the beginning of the novel, Shelby is well focused and knows what she wants. She doesn’t care of what others think. Shelby stays focused on what going to take place and continues with the wedding. Many of her relative’s tries to talk her out of the marriage between her and the white-man, Meade. Although, she did have a little feeling for Lute. Towards the middle of the novel, Shelby seems to feel a little confused and doesn’t really know what she wants. What people have been telling her seems to be sinking in. She begins to feel a little confused on what she really wants. Especially after the argument between her and her father, Clark. She expected him to support her, yet he also turns his
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