They Shouldnt Make You Promise That

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They Shouldnt Make You Promise That In everyone’s life there comes a point in time when you assess your life, not just look back in time, but see the progression, the triumphs and the failures. ....Eleanor Smith had reached this point. She sees that things aren’t as they seem, the passion and desire is gone from her marriage, she is unable to influence her children’s life, her best friend, who is an alcoholic seems to have her life in more order then Eleanor. How did her happy life slip away before her eyes. The story evolves around Eleanor, emotions and feelings. On the outside side she tries to be the happy homemaker, and plans dinnners for the prestge of her husband, Hugh. She tries to get in touch with her rebelious teenage daughter, and play the friend figure, but whatever she does nothing seems to make them as close as they used to be, bot even buying her gifts seems to work anymore. Her son, who is going through a rough time, because he recently broke up eith his girlfriend, won’t allow her to
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