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Thier Eyes Were Watching God

Thier Eyes Were Watching God - Thier Eyes Were Watching God...

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Thier Eyes Were Watching God In life everyone tries to find their true identity. For some it comes naturally, for others it might take years to find their identity, or they might never find it at all. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God; Zora Neale Hurston reveals a woman’s identity through her struggles in life, her treatment by society, and her thoughts on life. Janie a young African American girl who grew up in white life style; believed she was related of them till about the age of six. This impact changed Janie’s view on life. While she thought she was able to do things the color of her skin held her back. This made her try harder to accomplish her goals. When her grandmother insisted that she marry Logan she did not want to. Janie married him to fulfill her grandmother’s dreams. Even though Janie did not love him she struggled till she could not stand it and left with Joe.” It had always been his wish and desire to be a big voice and he had to live nearly thirty years to find a chance.” (28)
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