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613 Tradition People throughout the world do things for many different reasons. Religion, peer pressure, or tradition are some of the reasons the people do things. In the U.S. we have many traditions such as Christmas. Some people have strange or out of the ordinary traditions. The two short stories “The Lottery” and “A Rose for Emily” both portray tradition. In “The Lottery”, tradition is showed in three main ways. First, Old Man Warner says, “there has always been a lottery (Jackson 11).” The town people accept The Lottery because there has always been a lottery. The older people in the town such as Old Man Warner keep the tradition alive with their ideals. Second, The Lottery is held every year. Tradition is upheld in this way because it introduces the younger generation to the tradition. This shows that the lottery is a tradition because traditions happen over and over again. Lastly, tradition is shown with the parifanilia used in the story of “The Lottery”. The black box used to draw names is a duplicate of the original. The black box
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