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up a road slowly - Up A Road Slowly October 13, 2002...

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Up A Road Slowly October 13, 2002 Jaime Glantz English ~ Mrs. Adams Period 7 For my book report, I read a book titled Up a Road Slowly. Irene Hunt wrote this story. The novel takes place about 1970-1988, in Aunt Cordelia and her brother Haskell’s neighborhood. The neighborhood, which is out in the country, is usually very quiet and orderly since the population is so few. All the children attend a one-room schoolhouse. Aunt Cordelia runs the schoolhouse and she teaches students from preschool through jr. high. Occasionally, the story’s setting will switch to Julie’s real home, which is in the city. The city is about 20 minutes away from Aunt Cordelia’s. That is where Aunt Cordelia’s students attend high school. Julie didn’t always live with her aunt. She lived with her mother, father, sister, and brother until she was 7. That was the year her mother died. The doctors said that Mrs. Trelling’s death was upsetting Julie too much and that she was near hysteria. Thinking a change of scenery would do her some good, they sent her to live with her Aunt Cordelia and Uncle Haskell. Aunt Cordelia’s life was run very strict and proper. She was elegant and kind to everyone. She wanted her little Julie to be the same, so she warned Julie to be nice to an outcast named Aggie. Despite many warnings, Julie was never kind to Aggie. So when Aggie is taken over by an intense fever that soon kills her, Julie feels very guilty and vows to be a better person from that point on. She does become much more cooperative and respectful, but she still feels like she doesn’t belong. This feeling becomes stronger when her father remarries to her high school English teacher. High school begins and the most gorgeous boy in school, named Brett, is interested in
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up a road slowly - Up A Road Slowly October 13, 2002...

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