You Belong To Me

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650 Mary Higgins Clark does a great job of keeping the reader in suspense. Mary Higgins Clark introduces many characters that all could me suspects in the crimes she describes in this novel. "You Belong to Me" was definitely one of her best works. Dr. Susan Chandler, a clinical psychologist, is researching cases of missing women. On her daily talk show, she focuses on the case of Regina Clausen who disapeared on a cruise three years earlier. In Regina's belongings, a turquoise ring with the inscription "You Belong to Me" engraved on the inside of the band is found. Carolyn Wells, a viewer, calls the show and says she recieved and identical turquoise ring from a man while on a recent cruise. He tried to persuade Carolyn to leave the cruise and rejoin it in another city. Carolyn agrees to meet with Dr. Chandler to discuss the turquoise ring. On her way to meet with Dr. chandler, Carolyn was pushed in front of a van. She is seriously injured and in a coma. Carolyn's husband, Justin, is suspected of trying to murder her. Dr. Chandler
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