ch 1 and 3 - Biology 1000 Chapter 1 and 3 Terms Note:...

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Biology 1000 Chapter 1 and 3 Terms Note: Provide at least one example for the terms that have an asterisk next to them. Chapter 1 * Ecosystem: Both living and non living organism occupying a same environment and all components in that environment. *Honolulu Botanical Gardens * Community: Organisms of all kinds that co-habitat in one particular ecosystem. *All organisms in the Honolulu Botanical Garden. * Population: All of one particular kind of species living in specific environment. *the Lyon Orchids in the Foster Botanical Garden. * Scientific method: A method of problem solving and investigation to find the most precise and accurate scientific solution or answer. *Using if/then forms of reasoning. * Controlled experiment: An experiment conducted when the observer has control over the variable and the independent variable is the only variable allowing adjustments. *testing new drugs with one group using placebos and the other the actual drug. * Domain: The division of life into kingdoms based on compared DNA sequence. The domains of life have been placed into three separate domains. *Bacteria * Bacteria: The most diverse of the of the prokaryotes, it is one of two prokaryotes; the other of the two is archea. It is a single celled organism that reproduces by fission. *Staphylococcus. * Archea: A single celled microorganism with no cell nucleus in their cells, and is
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ch 1 and 3 - Biology 1000 Chapter 1 and 3 Terms Note:...

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