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{ad}, {as} = to, toward, forward {di}, {dis}, {dif} = away, apart {e}, {ex} = out, from {in}, {im} = in, into {re} = back, backwards, again {con}, {com} = together with  or intensify {pro} = before, in front of {pre}= before {retro} = back {intro} = into, inward {contra} = against {de} = down {dys} = bad, poor, difficult {eu} =well, good, easy {a}, {an} = without, not {anti}, {ant} = against, opposite {epi}, {ep} = upon {syn}, {sym} = with, same,  together {ana} = up, back, again {cata} = down {dia} = through, between {peri} = around {ec}, {ex} = out {en}, {em} = in, within {hyper} = above, excessive, too much {hypo} = under, too little
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Unformatted text preview: {meta}, {met} = after, among, changing {palin}, {pali}= back, again {para}, {par} = side by side, abnormal, subordinate {amphi}= around, both {apo}, {ap}, {aph} = away from, without {exo} = outside {ab}, {abs} = from {trans} = across {pro}= forward {ante} = before {inter} = between {se} = away, apart {circum} = around {ob}, {of}, {op} =against, toward {sub}, {suf} = under {post} = after (of time), behind (of place) {super} = above {extra} = without, outside {intra}= within {non} = not {in}, {im}, {il}, {ir} = not {infra} = below {per}= through {preter}= beyond, more than {ultra} = beyond...
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