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{ion} = action, condition cause by action; noun {or} = agent, doer; noun {ment} = forms a noun {al} = connected with, pertaining to; noun {ia}, {a} = condition of, act of; noun {ic} = pertaining to; adjective {ics} = study of; noun {ism} = doctrine, condition of; noun {istic} = forms an adjective {y} = process of, condition of, act of; noun {ive} = forms an adjective {ist} , {st}= one who does something; noun {ose}, {ous} = full of; adjective {sis} = condition, abnormal condition; noun {ed} = forms past tense {tic} = adjective {oid} = similar to; adjective or noun
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Unformatted text preview: {itis} = inflammation; noun {ize}= makes nouns and adjectives into verbs {ence} = quality, state, condition; noun {ity} = condition, state; noun {or} = condition; noun {tude} = condition, state; noun {ure} = action or result of action; noun {ble} = having capability or capacity; adjective {id} = in the condition of; adjective {ile} = capability or capacity, similar to; adjective {ine} = having the nature of; adjective {oma} =abnormal swelling, tumor; noun {eme} = irreductible unit...
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