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Mike Bohn Background Mike Bohn currently serves as the 6 th athletic director of the University of Colorado at Boulder. He came from San Diego St. University and signed a five year deal with this university. Mike Bohn played a significant role in the YOUR TEAM campaign to raise funds for scholarships and capital project funds. Mike Bohn established a strong fundraising base and made the tough decisions to maintain the sixteen Colorado sports. Mike Bohn has been a major part of the resurgence of CU athletics. Whether it’s creating the YOUR TEAM
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Unformatted text preview: campaign or increasing ticket sales for football games, Mike Bohn has been an important member of this process. Mike Bohn is known for his honesty and his willingness to admit his mistakes and take responsibility among the community. 3 Thought provoking questions 1. Do you have any notion of bringing back the CU baseball team? 2. What are some differences in the athletic program from your past universities? 3. What specific goals do you have for our football team this coming season? Key learning...
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