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manufacturing - 2 By simulation investigate for the case ...

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Pstat160B Winter 2010 Manufacturing management example A machine, when turned on, produce items at a rhythm of a Poisson process with rate λ per hours. Demand occur according to a Poisson process with rate μ per hours. The stock capacity is of 4 items, and so the machine is turned off at that point. It is turned back on once the stock reaches the level 2. 1) Can this be modeled and analized by a continuous time Markov Chain? Can it be specialized into a Birth and Death process?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) By simulation, investigate for the case λ = 6 and μ = 5; λ = 7 and μ = 5; λ = 4 and μ = 5. 3) Find the limiting probabilities, comment the result. 4) Study the particular cases given in 2) 5) What is the long run average sales? Interpret the result. Compare the values for the cases given in 2) 6) Suppose that a demand that comes where is no stock is lost for ever. What is the amount of business that is lost? Again, interpret the result....
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  • Spring '10
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  • Probability theory, Birth-death process, Poisson process, Markov chain, Continuous-time Markov process, Markov models

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