Jan 5 - Thesus

Jan 5 - Thesus - J an 5 T heseus = A L ocal He ro in Athens...

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Jan 5 – Theseus = A Local Hero in Athens Divine and Political Inheritance King Pittheus of Troezen | King Aegeus of Athens (friends with Troezon, sleeps with Aegeus) + Aethra (daughter of Troezen) + Poseidon ( same night when Aethra is cleaning up by the sea bangs Poseidon Coming of Age Boulder covering the sword and sandals To Athens to claim his paternity. On the way, he rids the road of threats (listed in your text) Persecution by Aegeus’ sees the new wife Medea! = STORY HERE read book The Labours of Theseus Cretan Royal Family Zeus and Europa Helios (Sun god) | / \ \ Minos (marries)Pasiphae(Aunt of Medea) (+ Bull) Aeetes Circe / \ | | 2daughters: Ariadne Phaedra Minotaur Medea *Minos was supposed to sacrifice a bull to the gods and kept it to himself and sacrificed a different one. Gods punished him through his wife and made the wife Pasiphae fall in love
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with the bull he loved so much. Daeddalus is a prisoner ( makes things, inventors) , Pasiphae goes to Degalus and says I love this bull I want to bang this bull, so he makes a bull suit. Bull comes around and bangs Pasiphae. Then she gives birth to the minotaur.
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Jan 5 - Thesus - J an 5 T heseus = A L ocal He ro in Athens...

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