Nov 17 - • A marvellous craftsman he oversees Cyclopes...

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Athena Citadel Goddess Her Father’s Daughter Born from Zeus’ head, and a perpetual virgin, Athena has no divided loyalties. She is usually shown armed as a defender of civilization (contrast Ares) She is a champion of culture and a clever inventor of ways to tame nature (contrast Poseidon) Bridle, ships, weaving, olive harvest She is a protector of culture heroes like Heracles, Perseus and Odysseus Goddess in the City As patron goddess of Athens, her temple, the Parthenon enjoys a place of prominence and honour on the Acropolis Military defence Presides over trials and other civil institutions Contrast her sister Artemis, who prefers the wilderness The Parthenon Bronze Athena by Myron, ca 450 BC Hephaistos The Lame Smith Hephaistos (Vulcan) Son of Hera (sometimes also of Zeus) Born lame ( Theogony, Hymn to Apollo) or injured by Zeus or Hera Thrown into the sea by Hera Cared for by Thetis
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Cult site on island of Lemnos Volcanoes house his forge and fire
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Unformatted text preview: • A marvellous craftsman, he oversees Cyclopes • A comic figure among the Olympians • Married to Aphrodite PIC = Dionysus and Hephaistos, 550 BC PIC = Hephaistos in his Wheelchair PIC = Temply of Hephaisteion, Athens Hermes (Mercury) • Zeus and Maia (nymph) (daughter of Atlas) • Maia lives in an obscure cave far from Olympus. • Messenger of the gods (caduceus and traveller’s hat) • Boundary crosser • Psychopomp: conducts souls of dead to Underworld • Argeiphontes • A trickster, resourceful, inventor, liar, thief • Patron of messengers, travelers, orators, merchants Hermes • Hermes • Hermes and Sarpedon (ca 515 BC) • Homeric Hymn to Hermes • Hermes establishes himself as an Olympian. • ( Question on test) Compare Hermes with Prometheus. – Genealogy = parents – Punishment – Zeus = relationship to Zeus, role that he plays – Results = end results • Compare Hermes with his older brother Apollo...
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Nov 17 - • A marvellous craftsman he oversees Cyclopes...

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