Nov 22 - Dionysus

Nov 22 - Dionysus - Dionysus Dissolver of Boundaries House...

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Dionysus Dissolver of Boundaries House of Cadmus – on powerpoint Dionysus (Bacchus, Liber) Zeus, disguised as a mortal, impregnated Semele. Hera tricked Semele (dressed up as old women, tricked Semele to ask Zeus to prove to her that he is Zeus, appear as lightning bolt and kills her) Semele was destroyed by a lightning bolt Hermes rescued infant Inserted into the thigh of Zeus, later born again. (twice-born, born immortal) Hera’s Persecution 1. Hidden from Hera on Mt. Nysa(unlocatable), raised by nymphs = female spirit, changed into a goat. 2. Hermes gave infant to Athamas and Ino (aunt), who raised him as a girl. Hera drove them mad, made them insane: Athamas hunted his elder son Learchus as a deer and killed him. Ino cast herself into the sea, holding her son Melicertes in her hand. Themes: exile, madness, shape-shifting The “Foreign” God = refered to Dionysus Born in Thebes on the Greek mainland, Dionysus grows to manhood in foreign lands to the east. Driven mad by Hera, he is healed by his initiation into the rites of Cybele, the Phrygian (mystery foreign religion) mother-goddess -Eastern dress, pipes and tambourines, thyrsus = long staff ticked with a pinocin which is a sign of everlasting life, with ivey = grows so quickly
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Nov 22 - Dionysus - Dionysus Dissolver of Boundaries House...

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