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Nov 24 - Underworld - Nov 24 The Underworld Early Greek...

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Nov 24 - The Underworld Early Greek Eschatology ( study of the last, farthest away thing) Exemplified in Homeric epics Iliad and Odyssey The underworld is the final home of all mortals. (compare Gilgamesh) Devoid of light, joy, hope and vitality. No escape. Therefore, life is extremely precious. It is the mark of a hero to risk one’s life in battle. It is to risk your life and embrace it. The hero’s reward is honour ( timé ) and glory ( kleos ) it will stay with him after he is dead, example we still talk about Persyuss Children are another form of “immortality”. The Underworld Entrances at the extreme and inaccessible regions of the world. Souls must cross over a river (Styx, Acheron). Charon is the ferry-man (after Homer). Numerous customs like give the boatman a gold coin, or put coins on the deads eyes. Hermes is psychopomp = titlte for escort to underwolrd Cerberus: many-headed dog, guards the gates of Hades, has snakes on his head Elysium and Tartarus Rarely, Zeus allows a lucky soul to go to Elysium. A paradise, full of light and music. The husband of hellen gets to go there because Hellen is Zeus daughter. Tartarus, the “cellar of Hades”, is even further below, and is the home of those singled out for the most horrible punishments. (e.g. Tityus, Tantalus, Sisyphus, Ixion)
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Tityus A son of Zeus Tried to rape Leto Killed by her Apollo and Artemis the kids of Leto In the Underworld, he is tied to the ground, two vultures devouring his liver (seat of passions). Tantalus Son of Zeus Invited to Dined with the Gods, Ambrosia = mortal, not for mortals Stole their divine food Tried to feed his son Pelops to the gods, cut him into pieces made it into a stew, except Demeter still sad
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Nov 24 - Underworld - Nov 24 The Underworld Early Greek...

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