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LearnEnglish Professionals ANALYSING DOCUMENTS AUDIOSCRIPT A Dutch doctor is being interviewed about his experience of learning and using English. Interviewer : When did you begin learning English? Doctor: I studied medicine in the Netherlands for eight and a half years and I started learning English in middle school with German and French. In my work I travel all over the world - well, now I’m in China only for a few weeks but I have travelled with the Red Cross to most countries in the world. Interviewer : What is the Dutch approach to teaching English in medical school? Doctor: When I was at university all of our teaching was in Dutch but all the textbooks were in English. At that time, there was a movement going on in Holland to make all the teaching in English. I followed this movement very strongly because in my profession it’s important to communicate in English. Most of the research done in the world is in English too so I need to be able to understand it to evolve. Interviewer :
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