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LearnEnglish Professionals CHAOS THEORY AUDIOSCRIPT The economist Asha Badlani describes how chaos theory influences her work Interviewer = I Asha Badlani = A I: Asha, chaos theory seems to be a branch of physics or mathematics. You’re an economist, so how does it influence your line of work? A: Well, in a number of ways. I’m responsible for financial development programmes in many parts of the world, so forecasting long range trends and making predictions on the basis of present evidence is what I do. Chaos theory was developed by scientists trying to explain the movement of the planets and changes in environmental conditions. Both of these things are also about making long term predictions on the basis of present evidence. I: Are many economists involved in this field? A: An increasing number. In the 1990s a lot of economists began to look at chaos theory as a way of providing models for forecasting. I:
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