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LearnEnglish Professionals CINEMA AND POLITICS AUDIOSCRIPT © The British Council, 2007 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity. Listen to part of a lecture about cinema and politics. Optional exercise Listen and decide if these statements are True or False. 1. The lecturer defines political films as films made about politicians. 2. Hotel Rwanda made people aware of what was happening in Rwanda. 3. Very few political films were made in the 1970s. 4. In the 1940s and 1950s American film studios completely avoided showing social problems. 5. The lecturer mentions two films by Richard Attenborough. 6. The film Malcolm X came out in the 2000s. (Answers below) You may have heard recently about what is being called the return of political cinema, following recent releases such as Munich and The Constant Gardener . So today I’m going to look at what political cinema is, and a little
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