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LearnEnglish Professionals INVESTING IN YOUTH AUDIOSCRIPT www.britishcouncil.org/professionals.htm © The British Council, 2007 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity. Listen to this excerpt from a radio talk show about the importance of girls attending schools in Uganda. Optional activity: While you listen, decide whether the following sentences are true or false. Sentence True or false? 1. Lillian Masuga is an expert on development problems. 2. Lillian works for the Ugandan government. 3. Lillian works to help boys stay on in school. 4. If a girl leaves school early she will marry early. 5. Girls who complete school get better jobs. 6. Many children in Uganda have lost both their parents because of HIV. 7. HIV infection rates are still increasing in Uganda. 8. Lillian is optimistic about the future. ‘Our Planet’ radio show from Kampala, Uganda Presenter : Welcome to this week’s edition of ‘Our Planet’. This week the programme comes from Kampala in Uganda. With
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