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Unformatted text preview: LearnEnglish Professionals MENTORING AUDIOSCRIPT Listen to an excerpt from a radio programme called “Women’s Moment”, with guest writer Ellen Granger who is talking about mentoring. Radio host = RH Ellen Granger = EG RH: Welcome to the programme, Ellen. EG: Thanks. It’s great to be here. RH: Ellen, we’re going to talk about your new book today: Mentoring for Women. It’s been out a few weeks and selling well. EG: Yes. RH: Why have you written a book about mentoring especially for women? EG: Because most of the books that are on the market are very male orientated. In a working environment, women have particular issues. Issues that men don’t have. Men have their issues too, of course, but most of what has been written already deals with those. RH: Can we talk in general terms for a moment. Some listeners won’t be familiar with the term mentoring. Could you just tell us what the role of a mentor is exactly?...
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