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Unformatted text preview: LearnEnglish Professionals MICROCREDITS AUDIOSCRIPT Listen to four people talking about the use they made of their microcredits. Optional exercise Match the names with the profiles. (Answers below) Sandra Estelle Miriam from Ecuador from Ghana from the Philippines has 3 children has 5 children liv es in a city liv es in a village Sandra: I liv e in a village in the Philippines with my five children. I used to work all day selling vegetables in the market, but we nev er had enough money. My children were hungry all the time. Some other women in the village had got loans, but I thought I was too poor and wouldn’t be able to pay it back. They persuaded me to take out a loan, and I was able to buy better vegetables to sell in the market. Every day I sold more and more vegetables, and made more and more profit. I paid the loan back on time, and now I’v e taken out another one. I’ve bought seeds to grow v egetables, so that I can make more money. My life has changed completely. My children are nev er hungry and I can afford to send them to school. Estelle: I liv e in Ghana and I make straw hats and basket s. Before I got my loan I couldn’t make many hats and baskets because I couldn’t aff ord to buy much straw. Now I make a lot more, and I buy baskets f rom other women in my village to sell. I’ve set up a stall and sell my goods to tourists. I’m planning to start selling different traditional craf ts. Every week I pay back some of the loan, and now I’v e nearly paid it all back. The extra money that I’m making means my three children can go to school. Miriam: I liv e in Ecuador on the outskirts of a large city. For years I sold bottled water by the roadside, but I nev er made much money. My house was f alling down and I couldn’t f eed my three children properly. W ith my first loan I bought some bottles of soft drink. You can make much more profit than from selling just water. At first all the extra money went on f eeding my family. I started buying more vegetables and sometimes ev en meat. I used my second loan to start selling snacks as well, and made enough money to get the house repaired. Now I’v e taken out another loan and I’m going to open a small shop. Every week I sav e some money so that if anyone in my f amily gets ill I can aff ord medicine. Answer s: Sandr a from the Philippines lives in a village has 5 childr en Estelle from Ghana lives in a village has 3 childr en Mir iam from Ecuador lives in a city has 3 childr en www.br itishc ouncil.or g/pr of essionals.htm © The British Council, 2007 The United Kingdom’s in ternational orga nisation for educational opportunities and cu ltural relations. W e are registered in England as a charity. ...
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