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LearnEnglish Professionals NEGOTIATING SKILLS AUDIOSCRIPT Two business people, Alison and Donald, are negotiating the terms of delivery of some new components. Alison: Ok, well, you’ve seen the price we offered in the documents, and the terms of delivery. They’re our company’s standard procedures and we’d like to keep to them as far as possible. We only change when there are exceptional circumstances. Donald: I see. However, I do think these are exceptional circumstances. The payment rate you usually offer is made against a certain time period. Now you’re asking for delivery within a much shorter time than usual. This makes it more difficult for us. I have to take on extra staff to meet this, or pay them overtime. If you can raise your offer, I’ll guarantee delivery within the time. A: Hmm, I see your point. However, we did actually choose you as a supplier because you guaranteed that you could deliver in a short period of time. That was your main strength! The payment terms we offered
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