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LearnEnglish Professionals NEW COMMUNICATIONS AUDIOSCRIPT Interview with a podcaster Scott: I know you got into podcasting pretty much at the beginning. How did you first hear of it? Dave: I was an avid reader of blogs, and I was aware that some bloggers were starting to attach audio files. That excited me. I had never written my own blog – I’m not really much of a writer – but I knew that doing something with audio would be my kind of thing. I read a newspaper article early in 2004, February, I think, which mentioned podcasting. So I started to look into it, but I didn’t feel that I had the technical capabilities. I was also busy with work, I’m a graphic designer, so I sort of forgot about the idea for a while. Scott: But you came back to it and started your own podcast early in 2005. Dave: That’s right. In January, to be exact. By then all the tools were available, and I had enough free time to devote to my own podcast. Of course I didn’t know if anyone would listen to it, but just being able to
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