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LearnEnglish Professionals SELF-ASSESSMENT AUDIOSCRIPT Paolo is talking to his teacher about some techniques to help him assess his progress in learning English. Teacher: Paulo, you’ve been trying out some self-assessment techniques. How have things been working out? Paulo: Good, I think. It’s been useful. Teacher: The first thing you decided to do was the learner diary. Paulo: Yes. At the end of each day I write everything down in my diary. I write what we do in class. Then I write about my feelings: If I enjoy activities or find them boring. This part was difficult for me. Teacher: Why? Paulo: I felt unable to write anything negative. Everything was “good” at first. Teacher: But nobody needs to read your diary, Paulo. You can write anything. Paulo: Well, a few days ago I had an awful class. It was hot, I was tired, the grammar was difficult. I wrote exactly what I thought in my diary. Teacher:
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Self-assessment - LearnEnglish Professionals...

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