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Unformatted text preview: LearnEnglish Professionals STUDY DIARIES AUDIOSCRIPT Listen to Peter talking to his teacher Ken about his study diary. Optional exercise (The answers are at the bottom of the page). Listen and decide if the f ollowing statements are True or False. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ken thinks Peter should spend more time working on his diary. It helps Peter to remember what he’s done in class. It’s easier than looking f or answers when the class is over. It takes a lot of time to fill in. Peter finds it too personal. Peter would like Ken to mark his work. Peter likes writing in English. Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: Peter: Ken: So, Peter, do you want to hav e a look at your diary together? As this is the f irst year we’v e been using them I’d really like to get some f eedback from you on erm how usef ul you think it has been. No problem. I’ll just get it. … Right, well you’ve certainly been making good use of it haven’t you! I mean look how much you’ve written since September. Let’s start with the part where you write about the lessons and what you’v e got out of them. Do you think that it’s helped you to write it down? Definitely. W ell, in what way? Ermmm. In lots of ways. First of all I have a bad memory so writing down what we do in class helps me to remember. OK that’s a good point. W riting down what I find difficult is also very usef ul. I like it when you look at my diary each week and you help me with my problems. It’s easier than asking lots of questions in class or looking f or the answer after class. This year with my study diary I write everything down at the end of each class and then I can find the answers either on my own or with your help. It’s much better. That’s great! Is there anything else that you find good about your diary? I also like making comments on what I liked and didn’t like doing in class. I think maybe it helps you to know us better and to make the classes more interesting. I also try to make constructive comments. No, I agree. Your comments definitely help me to understand how you learn best and what works in class. The only problem with the diaries is that they take a lot of time to write. At the beginning it was difficult to remember to write them, but it’s better now we hav e time at the end of the class. Yeah, absolutely. W ould you like to do anything diff erent in your diary? Do you think there’s anything missing? W ell, ermmm, you nev er mark my English. I think it would be good if you corrected it. Yes, but I decided not to so that you could write freely and express yourself without being marked all the time. Yes, but if we spend all that time writing in English it’s better to find out our mistakes. OK, I’ll ask the rest of the class and see what ev eryone thinks. It’s a good comment and if the others agree then I don’t mind pointing out some of the most important mistakes you make. I’ll see what they say. Anyway, thanks f or your help and I’m v ery glad that you enjoy using your diary. Answer s: 1 F, 2 T, 3 T, 4 T, 5 F, 6 T, 7 F www.br itishc ouncil.or g/pr of essionals.htm © The British Council, 2007 The United Kingdom’s in ternational orga nisation for educational opportunities and cu ltural relations. W e are registered in England as a charity. ...
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