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Unformatted text preview: LearnEnglish Professionals BOOMERANG GENERATION AUDIOSCRIPT © The British Council, 2006 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity. Listen to a radio interview about the 'boomerang generation'. Optional listening activity After listening, decide if the statements are true or false. 1. The ‘boomerang generation’ is an expression used to describe a popular new game. 2. The interviewee Helen Campbell teaches at a university. 3. All university students receive money from the UK government to study. 4. The amount of student debt is decreasing in the UK. 5. A typical first-time buyer takes five years to save for a deposit. 6. Most young people living with their parents don’t pay any rent. Presenter Good afternoon and welcome to Modern Times . On today’s show we’ll be talking about the ‘boomerang generation’. That’s the new term that’s being used to describe the phenomenon of young people, ‘boomerang generation’....
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