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University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Department of Electrical Engineering Calculus I November 2, 2010 It is most useful that the true origins of memorable inventions be known, especially of those which were conceived not by accident but by an effort of meditation. ....One of the noblest inventions of our time has been a new kind of mathematical analysis, known as the differential calculus. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, Historia et Origo Calculi Differentialis 1 , 1714 (Natural) philosophy is written in this enormous book, which is continuously open before our eyes (I mean the universe) but it cannot be understood without first learning to under- stand the language, and to recognize the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language. Galileo Galilei, II Saggiatore 2 , 1623 Instructors: Irfan Chaudhary and Abdurrahman Khan Salari Contact information: Name Department email office hours Irfan Chaudhary To be announced Abdurrahman Mathematics To be announced We will announce office hours very soon. However, feel free to set up appointments or walk-in to the office any time you want. About the course: Calculus is arguably the greatest mathematical invention of the human mind. In the first semester we will focus on single variable calculus and in the second semester we will be learning about multivariable calculus. You may feel that you already know how to differen- tiate and integrate functions of one variable. We anticipate to get rid of this illusion quickly. While in your F.Sc./A-levels you may have memorized certain formulas, it does not mean that you understand calculus. There will be very few questions in this course that you can solve by learning certain rules by heart and applying them mechanically. The goal of this course is to help you develop an understanding of calculus and its applications. Textbooks: The textbook for the course is the eleventh edition of “Thomas’ Calculus” by Weir, Hass and Giordano. If you have access to an older version we do not care. Remember calculus is about 400 years old, so if you have a 10 year old book, it should be O.K. However, the readings and some of the weekly homeworks will be assigned from this edition, so you will have to figure out yourself, the corresponding pages of the older editions. You may also be assigned readings from these two books
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intro - University of Engineering and Technology Lahore...

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