215 (Fall 2004, Wisconsin)

215 (Fall 2004, Wisconsin) - AGRICULTURAL APPLIED ECONOMICS...

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FALL 2004 INSTRUCTOR: Marv Johnson 515 Taylor Hall 427 Lorch Street 262-0699 [email protected] OFFICE HOURS Wednesdays 9 –12 COURSE PURPOSE. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the broad discipline of agricultural and applied economics. The subject matter starts with the economics of managing a farm and follows food and fiber through all the distribution and marketing that goes on between the farm gate and the consumer's plate. The effect of public policy on prices, quality, quantity, and incomes in the agricultural sector is of special concern. As the ties between agriculture and other parts of the world have grown stronger, agricultural and applied economics has grown to include the economics of natural resources, public economics, international trade, and international development. AUDIENCE. This is a beginning course in agricultural and applied economics. It presumes no knowledge of either economics or agriculture. For students contemplating a major in agricultural and applied economics, this course represents the ideal spot to acquire a broad perspective in your tentative field. For students majoring in some other discipline, this course is a good place to acquire some insight into the economic view of agriculture, as well as the economic way of thinking. For students who are uncertain about their major, this course represents an opportunity to see what agricultural economists study and how they look at the world. This course is not appropriate for students who have had more than two courses in agricultural and applied economics or economics. ORGANIZATION. Most days I will lecture. The schedule attached at the end of this syllabus indicates approximately what material will be covered, when it will be covered, and what readings you should do. You should read the suggested material before coming to class to obtain a good general background for the lectures. However, the lectures will NOT duplicate the material in assigned readings. Please feel free to ask questions or
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215 (Fall 2004, Wisconsin) - AGRICULTURAL APPLIED ECONOMICS...

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