AEB 2014 (Fall 2006, UF, Carlos Pitta)

AEB 2014 (Fall 2006, UF, Carlos Pitta) - AEB 2014 Course...

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Unformatted text preview: AEB 2014 Course Syllabus University of Florida Food and Resource Economics Department AEB 2014 – Economic Issues, Food, and You Fall 2006 3 Credit Hours; Section: 6049 Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm (Periods 8 and 9) Thursday 4:05pm – 5:00pm (Period 9) Classroom: Turlington 2349 ( (Class Website will be announced soon!) Instructor : Carlos Pitta Office : G129 McCarty B Phone: 392-1826 ext. 424 Office Hours : Fri: 10:40am – 12:50am (Periods 4 and 5, plus an open-door policy if you find me at my office!) E-mail : [email protected] OR [email protected] Course Purpose : This course emphasizes the role of agriculture and economics. The how's and why's of their influence on food prices and the world food situation, the environment, natural resources and government policy; and economic issues, including inflation and money (Catalog description of AEB 2014). That being said, we can add that the purpose of this course is to introduce you to the broad discipline of agricultural and applied economics. Basic underlying principles of agricultural economics are found in pure economics; yet what sets AEB 2014 apart from traditional principles of economics courses is that it combines both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in a one- semester format. AEB 2014 is structured around three thematic parts: 1) An Introduction to the way economists think; 2) A section on Microeconomic Analysis that emphasizes economic decision making of the consumer, the study of markets, agriculture, environmental and natural resource issues, international trade, and the impact of governmental policy; and 3) A section on Macroeconomic Analysis that deals with the workings of the economy as a whole and emphasizes the roles of the monetary authorities and fiscal policy Audience : This is a beginning course in agricultural and applied economics. It presumes no knowledge of either economics or agriculture. For students contemplating a major in agricultural and applied economics, this course represents the ideal spot to acquire a broad perspective in your tentative field. For students majoring in some other discipline, this course is a good place to acquire some insight into the economic view of agriculture, as well as the economic way of thinking. For students who are uncertain about their major, this course represents an opportunity to see what agricultural economists study and how they look at the world. This course is not appropriate for students who have had more than two courses in agricultural and applied economics or economics.who have had more than two courses in agricultural and applied economics or economics....
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AEB 2014 (Fall 2006, UF, Carlos Pitta) - AEB 2014 Course...

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