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Adolescent Nutrition Objectives 1. Define key words: puberty, secondary sexual characteristics, menses, menarche, adolescence, peak bone mass, peak growth velocity. 2. Recognize the stages of sexual maturation using Tanner’ Stages / Sexual Maturation Ratings. Describe gender differences and gender similarities. Describe secondary sexual characteristics that occur during puberty in males and females. Indicated how many years puberty typically lasts. 3. Describe body fat and lean muscle changes during puberty in adolescent girls and boys. State the amount of body fat thought to trigger menarche in adolescent girls. 4. State at what age is bone mass accretion (peak bone mass) complete. 5. Identify nutrients that are needed in increased amounts during adolescence. 6. List reasons as to why iron needs are increased in males and females during adolescence. 7. List risk factors associated with iron deficiency. List symptoms of iron deficiency. 8.
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Adolescent_Nutrition_obj - Adolescent Nutrition Objectives...

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