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Learning Objectives: Chapter 8 - Infancy Define key words o Full term infant, failure to thrive, rooting reflex, suckling reflex, motor development, hydrolyzed protein, food allergy, food intolerance Recognize a healthy birth weight, a low birth weight (small for gestational age / preterm) and a high birth weight (large for gestational weight / macrosomia) Define Adequate Intake (Dietary Reference Intakes) for infants. Describe methods used to physically assess growth in infants. Recognize a normal pattern of growth for an infant (height / weight) over a 12- month period as plotted on a weight / age and height / age growth chart. Describe the growth rate of an infant during the first year of life. Compare the metabolic rate/ kcal needs of an infant to an adult. Calculate energy needs, protein needs for infants at various weights throughout infancy (2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram) Explain why dietary fat should not be restricted during infancy and the 2 nd year of
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