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syl 2 - D = 434 461.9 pts(63.0 66.9 D = 414 433.9 pts(60.0...

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D = 434 – 461.9 pts. (63.0 – 66.9%) D- = 414 – 433.9 pts. (60.0 – 62.9%) F = 0 – 413.9 pts. ( 0 – 59.9%) No gift points will be given at the end the semester . Students must score the requisite number of points to get an A, B, etc. What you earn is what you get. Exams There will be 3 midterm exams (50 multiple-choice questions) and one final exam (100 multiple-choice questions), each worth 200 points. Your 3 best exam scores will be used to calculate a total exam grade. The Final Exam is optional if you have taken all three midterm exams and are satisfied with your grades. The final exam will be comprehensive. No make-up exams will be given, unless you have a valid written excuse from a physician . Prior arrangements can be made with the Teaching Assistant to take the exam early. - In the event that you miss a midterm exam, you will be required to take the comprehensive final exam. - If you miss more than 1 exam, you will receive zero points for the 2 nd missed exam.
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