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Appendix F COM 125 -N.S - more of a solid statement Where...

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Axia College Material Appendix F Peer Review Checklist * What is the main point of this paper? Having stricter laws on owning a gun What is the greatest strength of this paper? That gun license is not mandatory in all states. And that unlicensed flea market gun show dealers do not have to run criminal background checks on guns when bought. What material does not seem to fit the main point of the paper or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience? Then graph is good but it is out dated. The graph is between the years 1980 to 1993. These statistics are 13 years old. It can be more convincing if updated. Has the author sufficiently addressed counter- arguments? Explain your answer. Yes she has addressed the problems with guns being sold with no criminal check. She has addressed there are some states that you do not have to do licensing and registration before purchasing a weapon. Where should the author add more details or examples? Explain your answer. Keep the sources as currant as possible. This will make it
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Unformatted text preview: more of a solid statement. Where is the writing unclear or vague? This paper was clear to me. What is your favorite part of this piece of writing? Page 4 para. 3; Many gun supporters will argue that if a criminal wants to own a gun, they will find their way, and laws such as the licensing and registration ones will not do any good because criminals will be criminals and will find a way to get what they want. What other comments can you provide for the author? I really enjoyed the paper. A few mistakes but good job. I could tell there was good research done here. I learned a thing or two about gun control. Also use the school tutorial for grammer and plagiarism checks. *Adapted from Reinking, J. A., Hart, A. W., & Von der Osten, R. (2003). Strategies for successful writing: A rhetoric, research guide, reader, and handbook (6th ed.). Boston: Prentice-Hall/Pearson Custom Publishing....
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