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Source Purpose Author Audience Publisher/ medium 1. Serious article Education as crime prevention report/ new knowledge Professional writers Daniel Karpowitz Max Kenner Educated / General public University or Scholarly press 2. Serious article Education offered to prisoners while incarcerated at CNMCF Report/ New knowledge Staff Writer; Clara Garica Educated/ General public Bulletin staff writer 3. Serious article Prison college programs unlock the keys to human potential Report/ New knowledge Writer; Gillian Granoff Educated/ General public Online www/ commercial sponsor 4. Serious article Race, poverty, & special education Report/ New knowledge Writer; Rosa Smith Educated/ General public
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Unformatted text preview: Commercial Publishers/ online In my opinion which type of source will be most beneficial in writing my paper? Explain my rationale. I would say scholarly articles. They will have creditability. When I am searching the names of authors may become familiar. Some authors may use other authors in citing their material for expert data. As I research I will see information confirmed by other reports. Some sites may give evidence of their credentials. They will have a web site for me to ask questions, the material is in logical order, and some will have dated graphs for examples. Week 2 Day 4 Checkpoint: Types of sources...
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