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DQ2 Week 6: Inductive and deductive claims such as "all," "none," or "some" impact the assertions of an argument. As a reader, which are you more receptive to: information that claims to represent all of the cases under discussion or information that claims to represent only some of the cases under discussion? Explain your answer.   All three of the inductive and deductive claims have similar impacts on arguments; the one with the most impact depends on the context of the argument. For affirmative claims, “all” would be the best choice. The use of “none” would be best used for negative claims. The word “some” is more of a neutral claim and could be used equally in both affirmative and negative claims, but is probably more useful for positive arguments. I am more receptive to claims that
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Unformatted text preview: represent some of the cases under discussion. It is rather aggressive to claim all of something is a certain way and the burden of proof rests on the person to back it up in order to substantiate the argument. When some is used, it is easily more believable and easier for me to accept as true. Inductive arguments would utilize “some” since they are responsible for showing probable cause for a conclusion to be true. Deductive arguments would need to use “all” or “none” because they need to give conclusive evidence that a claim is valid. A deductive claim cannot use “some” because then the conclusion would not be guaranteed. Again, my preference depends on the type of argument at hand and the choice of claim which would be most effective in the situation....
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