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Identifying Fal due 205 lw - Making Friends with 1 Making...

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Making Friends with Making Friends with Your Finances Lyndsey Watson Axia College of University of Phoenix CRT 205 Critical Thinking Alex Clausen January 28, 2006 1
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Making Friends with Making friends with your finances Look around at others; see everyone handling money with ease and savvy. There is internal confusion we feel, when we try to make sense of money. This confusion is matched by the genuine strangeness of money. According to anthropologists, early money could be anything from stones, to shells, to nails. Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman explores the paradox of money in the Encyclopedia Britannica (1985 edition). The real reason money works is that people accept it in place of goods. Money also has a stunning power to symbolize primal states of being, like love, power, and safety. Debtors Anonymous, a 12-step program that helps chronic debtors publishes a list of “Signposts on the Road to Becoming a Compulsive Debtor” that reads like a symptoms of money discontent. Money and its discontents throw a very bright light upon
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