WK 8 DQ 1 - WK 8 DQ 1 In 1971 I participated in the May Day...

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Unformatted text preview: WK 8 DQ 1 In 1971, I participated in the May Day Protests. The idea was to shut down the government for 5 days to protest the Vietnam War. As an idealistic youth, I drove to D.C. to exercise my rights. However, when I got there it was a different story. It was anarchy in the making. My parents were young and we were a slightly conservative family. I had gone to private Catholic school for twelve years. I was rebellious, but not like any other child at seventeen. Going to May Day was sort of like a right of passage. Upon entering the district we saw streets lined with police and National Guardsmen. I had always been taught to respect the police but here I saw people taunting them and spitting on them. The soldiers were not much older than I was. I remember looking some of them in the eye and thinking these boys aren’t killers. thinking these boys aren’t killers....
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