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Wk 8…DQ 2 I would say that the decision Jeanne Phillips took was appropriate for the situation. As confidentiality in this instance may have been questioned, as to what was right or wrong, and it was on her better judgment to inform the authorities of something as serious as a possible pedophile. Mr. Weiserwas not all the wiser, as he did not use sound judgment on sending such a letter if he was not seriously partaking in such fantasies. With the massive coverage in news programs on pedophiles he should understand that this would not be taken lightly. Many cases start with such letters and often times upon not taking the perpetrator seriously or dismissing it leads to someone actually acting on their fantasies and many end up hurt or dead. I think it was on a hypothetical
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Unformatted text preview: imperative that Ms. Phillips acted with her moral conscience and how she felt she would be doing the right thing for society. We do not need more pedophiles on our streets fantasizing and ultimately acting out on these fantasies and killing the innocence of more children. Authorities found child pornography on his computer, he had fantasies, and the next step was to act out. Ms. Phillips took the right action, even if she was not completely secure in her decision as she may have been unable to sleep due to compromising the confidentiality, however, she is not a doctor, psychiatrist nor any other high paying professional that takes an certain oath of confidentiality, besides, I believe those professions even have guidelines for when they are to cross the lines....
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