Acm press 1987 112 39 r hull and r king semantic

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Unformatted text preview: relationship model. pages 317{325, 1989. 38] M. A. W. Houtsma and P. M. G. Apers. Data and Knowledge Model: A Proposal. ACM Press, 1987. 112 39] R. Hull and R. King. Semantic database modeling: Survey, applications, and research issues. 19(3):201{260, September 1987. 40] H. M. Jamil and L. V. S. Lakshmanan. ORLog: A Logic for Semantic ObjectOriented Models. In Proc. 1st Int. Conference on Knowledge and Information Management, pages 584{592, 1992. 41] H. M. Jamil and L. V. S. Lakshmanan. Realizing ORLog in LDL. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Combining Declarative and Object-Oriented Databases, pages 45{59, Washington DC, May 1993. Held in conjunction with the ACM PODS and SIGMOD Conference. 42] H. M. Jamil and L. V. S. Lakshmanan. A declarative semantics for behavioral inheritance and con ict resolution. In John Lloyd, editor, Proceedings of the 12th International Logic Programming Symposium, pages 130{144, Portland, Oregon, December 1995. 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Nishio, editors, Proc. of the 1st DOOD Conference, pages 7{24, Kyoto, Japan, 1990. North-Holland. 77] C. Zaniolo, H. Ait-Kaci, D. Beech, S. Cammarata, L. Kerchberg, and D. Maier. Object-oriented database and knowledge systems. Technical Report DB-038-85, MCC, 1985. 116...
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