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prob set 2 - PHYS 271: Problem Set 2 Due Fri., Jan. 30,...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 271: Problem Set 2 Due Fri., Jan. 30, 2009 at the start of class. Late assignments will not be graded. Problem sets are to be done individually. Be sure to put your name and student number on your assignment; problem sets without a name will not be graded . For all problems, be sure to fully explain what you are doing using words. 1. If a photon with an initial energy of 6000 eV scatters off a proton at rest, what is the change in the photons wavelength if the photon recoils at an angle = 90 degrees? Note that the protons mass m p is given by m p c 2 938 10 6 eV. 2. According to the Bohr model, what is the speed v of an electron in the n-th orbit of a hydrogen atom? Write your answer in a way that does not explicitly involve the radius r of the electron. Evaluate the ratio v/c (where c is the speed of light) for the ground state. Should we be using special relativity to describe the kinetic energy of an electron in the hydrogen atom? Explain your reasoning....
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