Biology 121 Study Topics

Biology 121 Study Topics - DNA replication Cell cycle...

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Biology 121 Study Topics Exam 1: Properties of Amino acids Bonding in polypeptide chains Michaelis Mentin kinetics- plots and graphs Properties of phospholipids (saturated unsaturated cis trans) Regulation of allosteric enzymes, enzyme equilibrium Respiration (where CO2 comes from aerobic versus anaerobic) Membrane transport Biochemical properties of ATP Exam 2: Organelle function Proteins made by ATP or GTP RNA polymerase Function of the ER Nucleotide composition in DNA Ubiquitination Proteins controlling cholesterol uptake
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Unformatted text preview: DNA replication Cell cycle Transcription and translation Membrane potential, action potential, ion channels GPCRs Kinesin Myosin Motors Genetics inheritance, allele frequencies Exam 3: Genetics inheritance, allele frequencies Lederburg and tatums experiments Natural selection Lacoperon Micrornas Inheritance trees TATA box Map distances/ recombination Evolutionary relationships Final Exam: Hydropathy plot Telomerase ATP versus GTP...
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Biology 121 Study Topics - DNA replication Cell cycle...

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